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Brahui Research Institute was established on 22nd of February 2013 (on International Mother Language Day). The main goal of this Institute is to focus on Brahui nation or Brahuis of the World. This Institute specially focuses on Brahuis of Balochistan, which is the original place of Brahuis and where saying “Brahui”, telling Brahui or writing Brahui is a big political, social and ethical sin. Where everything of Brahui nation is finished through emphasis, force, irritation, and political conspiracy and forcely murged into Baloch and showninfront of World that in Balochistan there is nothing with the name of Brahui, there are just Baloch is Balochistan.


    • Main objective of this institute is to pure Brahui Language, linguistics, ethics, history, and culture from irritation and politics. And to exhibute special academic, ethical, and research work about Brahui infront of the World

    • Political, social, academic, literal conspirasies, which are going against the identity, language and culture of Brahui nation, this institute aims to aware the World about this kind of conspirasies and present special Academic, Literal and Research documents about Brahui nation.

    • To present the work of personalities of Brahui nation infront of the World, who belonge to every department of life, and present electronic directory of the personalities.

    • To present the E-Books which are written about the language, culture, tradition, and linguistics of Brahui in the shap of Online Library.

    • Different political, social, academic, literal consprasies & fake documentries, which are uploaded at Internet against Brahui nation, institute aims to currect them and aware the the World about the reality.

    • To present Brahui literacy, politics, ethics, tradition and culture in front of the World in the shape of News Update.

Note: Some declining hearing could be on above goals

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